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A Snowy Surprise

This morning I went Birding with Paul Pratt’s group at Hillman. We were rewarded with good looks at an immature and an adult Glaucous Gull as well as a few of the lingering Greater White-fronted Geese – a bird I actually just lifered last weekend.

After a few hours of windy birding, we headed to Janet’s house out in the county for lunch. On the way there, I noticed a blob in the field. I thought for sure that it was just another bag – but nope – a Snowy! First one I’ve seen in the area this winter.

iScoped Snowy Owl – County Road 8, Essex County

After lunch, I met up with Jeremy Hatt back in the Hillman area. We were hoping to pick out a Ross’s, Snow or Cackling Goose but no luck. Still a nice walk!

Tomorrow… I heard of a possible pair of Trumpeter Swans in Windsor so I might go have a look  in between some other commitments – it would be a nice bird to add to my winter list!


  1. Kory, brilliant find! Thanks for the notice :-)

  2. Kory, just a followup from that documentary: “The Central Park Effect”… That lady who led birding tours passed away. Just thought I would pass it on… http://blog.aba.org/2013/02/goodbye-to-the-matriarch-of-central-park.html

  3. As an pre-novice birder (a fair photographer) can you tell me what camera/lens you shot the owl with (and exif data?)


    • Hi there!

      I actually just used my iPhone through my spotting scope to take this pic (digiscoping). The owl was quite a ways out in the field at the time.



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